Lent 1 – The Data Matters – Anna Brooker

Click for the text of Anna Brooker’s sermon for the first Sunday in Lent ‘The Data Matters’. 

Candlemas – Anna’s Eyes – Mike Higton

Click to read the text of Mike Higton’s sermon for Candlemas ‘Anna’s Eyes’.

Epiphany 3 – Water into Wine – Alison Hobbs

Click to find the text of Alison Hobbs’ sermon for Epiphany 3 ‘Water into Wine’. 

Epiphany 2 – Sabine Tenge-Heslop

Click to read Sabine Tenge-Heslop’s sermon for 17 January, Epiphany 2.

Epiphany 1 – The Baptism of Christ – Anna Brooker

Click here to read Anna Brooker’s Sermon ‘The Baptism of Christ’ for Epiphany 1.

Advent 4 – Carol Service – Geoff Moore

Click here for Geoff Moore’s sermon for St Brandon’s Carol Service.

Advent 4 – Annunciation and Advent – Anna Brooker

Click here for Anna Brooker’s sermon ‘Annunciation and Advent’ for Advent 4.

Advent 3 – Already, but not yet, but not never – Geoff Moore

Click here for the text of Geoff Moore’s sermon for Advent 3 – ‘Already, but not yet, but not never’.

First before Advent – Shepherd, King and Judge – Alison Hobbs

Click here to read Alison Hobbs’ sermon ‘Shepherd, King and Judge’, for the Sunday before Advent.

Remembrance Sunday – Anna Brooker

Click for Anna Brooker’s Sermon for Remembrance Sunday.

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