As a parish church our worship also includes baptisms, weddings and funerals. Please do contact the Associate Minister with enquiries: Rev. Alison Hobbs,

We offer baptisms for those who live within the parish, or to those who are in other ways part of our church family: people who regularly attend, or who have a strong association with the church. You can also find out more on the Church of England’s ‘Christenings’ website.

For weddings, the law allows us to conduct weddings for couples where one or both of you live within the parish boundaries, but there are also other ways you might be eligible. You can find the rules set out on the Church of England’s  ‘Your Church Wedding’ website.

For funerals, there is more information on how to go about arranging them on the Church of England’s ‘Funerals’ website – or you can contact Alison Hobbs directly at the address above. You can also see our Circle of Remembrance page for information on the interment of ashes.


Please also see our information on