Neither death nor life…neither present nor future…nothing can separate us from the love of God (Romans 8:18–19) 

 The Circle of Remembrance is a place of stillness, peace and prayer where ashes can be interred and people can be quiet and thoughtful as they remember those who have died. The simple broken circle speaks of openness and also of containment; of somewhere set apart yet also at home in the natural environment; of God’s enduring and welcoming love.

Who can be interred there? We welcome enquiries regarding people who have lived or died in Brancepeth, or who have been on the electoral roll of St Brandon’s, or from others – there is plenty of space in the Circle.

How much does it cost to inter ashes? There is a set fee for ‘burial of cremated remains and a brief service of committal’ (£158 in 2018). There are additional charges for inscription in the Book of Remembrance (£25 in 2018) and for preparing the site if this is done by the church (£50 in 2018).

May we have a bigger service to mark the interring of ashes? Yes if desired. You can discuss this with the minister.

Are the ashes in any kind of casket? The ashes are transferred to the ground via a special container, but are then interred directly into the soil; they are not held in any kind of container.

May I scatter ashes in the Circle or churchyard? Church regulations do not allow this.

Can I have a memorial plaque in the churchyard? The Circle of Remembrance will remain a simple grassy area. If you wish, the name may be recorded in the Book of Remembrance held in the Neville Chapel inside the church; there is an additional charge for this (£25 in 2018). An official register is also kept.

How will the plot location be identified? The location will be marked on a plan and held with the official register in the church safe.

Will there be room for relatives’ ashes later? There is plenty of space, and relatives’ ashes can be interred in the same spot. Please let us know if you would like this to happen.

May I leave flowers on site? Churchyard regulations do not allow this, and the simplicity of the grass circle makes it an unsuitable place for memorial flowers. Any flowers left will be respectfully removed and placed in the Neville Chapel inside the church.