Sunday morning services at St Brandon’s are livestreamed – that is, they are broadcast live on the internet, on our Facebook page. You can watch the service as it happens, or you can watch the recording after the service has finished.

We ask anyone who we know is going to appear identifiably on screen during the livestream to fill in a consent form, giving permission for us to broadcast their image, and to keep the recording online for a year after the service. You can download here a copy of the consent form for an adult or for a child.

There are some seats, in the south transept, that appear in the background of our livestream. Those seats all have a notice placed on them to let anyone know this before they decide whether to sit there, and to point them to fuller information about our privacy and data protection policies. No other seats appear in the livestream.

Anyone who appears in any of our livestreamed videos has the right to ask us to take down recordings in which they appear. Simply contact Mike Higton (0191 597 4675,, identifying the video or videos you wish to have removed.

See also Facebook’s Data Policy and information about Facebook and GDPR.